People’s Republic of China

RLC_5946_Forbidden City - 2009

Shangri-la, China

Monk Perspective


Xitang Doorway

Chinese Roof

Chinese Roof

Old Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai - Shanghai! If you can make here, you can make it anywhere . . .

Shanghai War Memorial framing Pearl TV Tower

Old Shanghai

Grandma's Chair

Shanghai-Nanjing Dong Lu

Longhua Temple Ancient China is being swept away by the spate of progress and eager capitalists.

Old Buddhist Monk

Xujiahuitianzhutang - Xujiahui Catholic Church Shanghai, restored 1980

Catholic Country Church-Circa 1925-Shanghai

Doorway to China

Temple Guardian

Chengdu Lantern

Culture-based faith


Flying Tigers Memorial - Kunming

Memorial to Hump Crews

Lest Thou Forget

Flying Tigers Command Post Ertance - Guiling

Chaiman Mao

Mona Lisa Smile

Tiananmen Square Guard

Beijing Honor Guard

Chairman Mao's Tomb Guard

Chairman Mao Ze Dong - Lijiang

National Pride

Old Soldier - Lijiang, China

Lijiang, Yunan Naxi Man

NanXun Woman

Respect your elders

Age before beauty

The future of China

Children crossing busy street - Kunming

Fujian Farmer

Farm Worker Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China

Feeding The Masses - Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China

Bygone transportation

Family Car-Rural China

Utility Truck China

Modern transportation

Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-800W, Boeing 737NG, B737NG

Dazhong Taxi - English speaking driver!

Self-guided Tourist

Great Wall Mutianyu

Stairway to Heaven

Great Wall

Great Wall Mutianyu

Inside the Great Wall

All kinds of jackasses get in the way of taking great photos of the Great Wall, mostly mainland Chinese tourists.

Forbidden City

_RLC5609_Water Lily

Forbidden City, Gugong

Reflections of the old on the new. Jing'an Temple, Shanghai

Where the rich get richer. Communism is a quaint memory.

Naxi Orchestra playing traditional Baisha and Dongjing Music, Lijiang

Respect for elders

Zhejiang Yue Opera

Astor House Madam

Fruit and Vegetable Stand

hanghai Beijing Duck in the Year of the Rabbit


Shui Mo Hua - Chinese Ink and Wash painting style

XingPing Town, Li River

Yangshuo Cormorant Fisherman

Suzhou Garden

Water Village Temple

Zhou Zhuang Water Village

Water taxi, Zhou Zhuang


Fuzhou Fishing Fleet

Xiamen, China

Li Hua Cargo Ship, Xiamen, China

Air Pollution -Xiamen, China

Hakka Tulou Village, Yongding County, Fujian, China

Tulou Residential Structure, Fujian Province, China

Guanyin Temple, Xiamen

Arbeit macht frei-Communist China

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