Monochrome Photography

Ghost of Pink Rose

Won First Prize – Southern Water – Photography Competition

A6559398_401 Hasselbald 503CWD

“Cup, Sacucer, and Spoon” Hasselbald 503CWD

A6559410 Hasselbald 503CWD

‘blad-Rocco – Hasselblad 503CWD

_RLC9805 Tears of a Rose in monochrome

_RLC4061 Monochrome Exhausted Relic

_RLC1681_v2_Standout Monochrome

_RLC7316 MonochromeCow

_RLC8363_Cradle Monochrome_Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

_RLC7757_Iris in the Spring Rain copy

_RLC9499_Rothamay Wagon-Bothwell

_RLC7691 SV Tenacious Monochrome 50pc Gaussian_FINAL

_RLC7079_Wolseley monochrome

_RLC6928_Monochrome Flight 4X5 Save



_RLC6036-Monochrome Cowboy v2

_RLC5727 Overland

RLC_2767_Astor House Madam antiqueRLC_2170_Shanghai-Yu Yuan Garden

RLC_2395_Zhou Zhuang China

_RLC4225_Old Man

Rose Cottage - Baden, Tasmania

Private Percy C. Sawford was born on 7 November 1886 and at 29 years of age was killed-in-action at Dardenelles Campaign, Gallipoli, World War I, on 12 November 1915; “Lest We Forget” -Rudyard Kipling

On Track - Colebrook, Tasmania_RLC4064-FINAL yesteryearCherry Blossom Close-upMount Field Monochrome (Nikon 500mm f4P Lens)

6559223_4X5 Crop - Haselblad 503CWD

A6559059_Fine Art Shell - Hasselblad 503CWD

Woodsdale Road Ruin

Twelve Apostles - Great Ocean Road

Bristol 400 Monochrome


Dunalley Bay

Lavender flower -Butterfly

Aimee - Monochrome

Fruit Hasselblad Makro-Planar 120mm f/4 with 32mm E Extension Tube and D-Flash 40

Daffodils, just add colour

Sepia Rose

Let there be light

Mount Field, Tasmania

Mount Olympus

Dead Tree

Portrait of a Flower - Yellow Daffodil


Villager near Shanghai-Hongqiao Airport

Model photographed with Guangbao Studio Lights

Angel with a flower in her hair

Bothwell Sheep Paddock

Bucolic Bothwell

Stairway to Heaven

Window To The Past

Low Key Guy

Irish Fiddler

Combined Monochrome High Key

The Margaret River on River Derwent