I am a Tasmanian Photographer passionate about the art and science of photography striving to make the mundane extraordinary, the uninspiring exciting, and to capture beauty that is often taken for granted, overlooked or makes a fleeting presence.

I have been published, internationally, for twenty-five years, as a Photographer and Writer. In 1992, I was published, for the first time, in a US magazine distributed internationally. I submitted an unsolicited article with accompanying photographs to the magazine’s editor. A typewriter and a Minolta 35mm film SLR camera were used. Subsequently, I was invited to become a Staff Writer and Photographer, to which I contributed, for six years. I transitioned from film to digital camera equipment, in 2008.

Professional Equipment:

Nikon D3X and Hasselblad 503CWD digital cameras and professional studio lighting are used, exclusively, for results you would expect from a professional Photographer.

CASSIDY PHOTOGRAPHY was created as an online portfolio to showcase and sell photographs and photographic services.

Note: Click on the drop-down Navigation Menu tab, using your computer’s pointing device. Hover the Mouse Cursor over PORTFOLIOS. For small screen devices, please click on the grey PORTFOLIOS. To explore the various genres I photograph, use the down-arrow key.

Send me an email to: cassidy_photography@yahoo.com to inquire about my rates, price of an image, a commission, or an exhibition. I look forward to hearing from you. Visit the SERVICES link, initially. Everything is negotiable, however.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Note: If you like my website or photographs so much that you must find a way to pirate them, for use on your website, blog, tumblr site, Flickr, or publication, please refer to the COPYRIGHT NOTICE at the bottom of my Home Page and every page. Ask first and temporary usage of an image may be allowed or a charge or a nominal fee for usage imposed.  Copyright violations will be prosecuted, otherwise.  My website host tracks all internet addresses.

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