I have been trying for a few years to get paid work published by Tasmania’s primary newspaper “The Mercury”.  The Photo Editor, Mr. Richard Jupe, emailed me to ask if I would take photographs at Boyer Oval of the New Norfolk Eagles to be published in “The Derwent Valley Gazette”: Saturday, April 22, 2017, Saturday July 19, 2017, Saturday July 26, 2017, and the “Mercury” newspaper, Sunday, September 3, 2017. I submitted ten photographs, of my choosing, for each of these editions.  These were selected.

_RLC1375 Sunday, September 3, 2017 Mercury newspaper

Sunday, September 3, 2017, Mercury newspaper Sport, page 75


“Derwent Valley Gazette”, Wednesday, July 26, 2017

_RC0281_The Gazette_Sport

“Derwent Valley Gazette”, Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Norfolk vs Sorell 22 April 2017_Robert Cassidy

“Derwent Valley Gazette”, Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Recently, I had an ad for the Australasian Golf Museum, with my photos published in the “TASMANIA” magazine. Issue 3 2017.

Ad for Australiasian Golf Museum Images _RLC8863 and _RLC8927

Ad for Australiasian Golf Museum Images _RLC8863 and _RLC8927

I have been trying, since 24 February 2014, to be published in this glossy magazine, that I have been told thatb the magazine “tends to stay on shelves and coffee tables, in Tasmanian hotels and cafes, for many years.” I have submitted a wide variety of images, previously. Yesterday, 22 March 2017, whilst getting my eyes checked, my wife went to our favourite Hobart news agent Liverpool/Murray Streets to buy a copy of the “TASMANIA 40°South” magazine, which I had not seen, when a gentleman in Brisbane who saw the magazine article called to compliment me on my article and photos. When my wife showed me what the Editor and Publisher had done with the five photos and article I had sent them, it brought tears to my eyes. What is important to know about this is; these photos were taken with an long obsolete Nikon D3x professional camera (not ideally suited to Night or Astrophotography, due to its limited ISO and poor Noise handling capability) with a Nikon AF-Nikkor 28mm f/1.4D lens attached. This powerfully demonstrates what IS possible with Nikon photographic equipment, in the right hands.

TASMANIA 40°South Magazine, Issue 84 article -by Robert Cassidy

TASMANIA 40°South Magazine, Issue 84 http://fortysouth.com.au/tasmania-40south/

TASMANIA 40°South Magazine, Issue 84_Robert Cassidy


I submitted the following monochrome image to the staff of the “Mercury” newspaper, making inquiry if they would like to use it for any article they may write commemorating Waddamana Power Station’s 100 year anniversary, come May 6, 2016.  I received a call from the newspaper asking if I could submit the colour version of the photo.  My photo was published accompanying the newspaper article, Saturday, April 30, 2016.  A copy of the newspaper is below the monochrome photo.

_RLC6498 Waddamana Monochrome 16 APR 2016

_RLC6672-Yesterday's News

Last night, 14 March 2016, my photo of cumulo-nimbus clouds and a rainbow over Dunalley Bay was featured on the ABC Channel 2 Weather broadcast.

_RLC6126_My Photo on ABC 2

Recently, I was published in the Derwent Valley Gazette Hamilton Show reportage.


Last night, 7 March 2016, my photo was featured on the ABC Channel 2 Weather broadcast.  I wanted to show how dry it has become, though there were heavy clouds on the horizon.  This same photo was featured in the Mercury newspaper.  Nothing better than media coverage.

_RLC6074-ABC Channel 2_March 7 2016.

The following series of photos were posted onto the Governor of Tasmania website.

Photographs by Robert Cassidy

Recently, I was published in the Derwent Valley Gazette for a political reportage snapshot and will be published again, this week.

_RLC6001_Gazette Photo

Recently, I submitted a photo to The Mercury newspaper Editor.  I was contacted by the sub-Editor, who replied, “I really like your photograph . . . I reckon your picture and the story about your Sunday drive would be a great one . . . Would you like to write a Talking Point article like this to go with the pictures?”  It evolved to what you see below, though what I really want is to become a photo-jopurnalist for the newspaper.

Saturday October 3 2015 The Mercury newspaper

I submitted a couple photos to ABC television, Channel 2, Hobart. I was contacted by a staff member from ABC television who wrote in an email reply, “We will use it on Thursday night on the 7pm TV news weather photo feature.” Actually, another photo of mine was broadcast, subsequently. I took a photo of my beautiful Panasonic Viera TX-26LXD television set, that someone had discarded and I rescued, along with its Remote.    It works perfectly. I enjoy watching it than my more expensive Samsung.  The photo is here:

_RLC3913_Reduced Size_ABC Photo

This is one of two pages of photos that were published in a printed magazine, June/July 2015 issue. Got paid, too, even better. Why did the Editor choose those photos, I am not sure, but he was happy and it is always important to make the Editor happy. The first time I was published, in 1992, that Editor wrote to me (before email) to tell me my article (with photos) put his magazine on the map, because he had received correspondence from around the  world. He invited me to become a Staff Writer/Photographer, so I did, for about six years.

I have been remiss updating newsworthy items . . . though I have been published, nearly every month, in my state’s northern and southern newspapers, as well as fairly regularly in the local digest. I sold a few photos. The newsworthy items are too numerous and too time-consuming to enter all of them, onto this page. As you can see, I have acquired a Nikon D3x, on 8 August 2014. What a camera! I am not disappointed in the least.

I have been remiss updating newsworthy items . . . though I have been published nearly every month, in my state’s northern and southern newspapers, as well as fairly regularly in the local digest. The newsworthy items are too numerous and too time-consuming to enter all of them, onto this page. Amongst the most exciting news for me is the acquisition of a pristine Hasselblad CWD 16 megapixel Digital Back. It happens to be a 100th Anniversary Victor Hasselblad signed Limited Edition. There were only 500 produced. I possess the various cords, covers, Quick Start Guide, pouch, etc., all new. Before I sent it to the Hasselblad factory, in Sweden, to be serviced, the Infrared (IR) Filter replaced, and the unit re-calibrated, costing $770 and thirty-six days. The initial test I had done, before all that work, was encouraging. See the photograph of a plum tree, below. Why did I choose the 16 megapixel CWD, with its limited ISO range and 1.5 crop factor? I truly felt sad that I could no longer use my beautiful Hasselblad film cameras and their lenses. As I am self-funded, I simply could not justify spending more money than I paid for my wife’s car for a CFV-39 + ten new Continental tires for a CFV-50. Thus, I cannot see the value in the CFV-39 or CFV-50. Crop factor? Back off! Limited ISO? Not a factor, considering studio or landscape use, and a rock-solid tripod, mirror-up, with a cable release. Also, I achieve results good enough that have been published many times, in newspapers, magazines, a couple calendars, with my 12.1 megapixel Nikon D3. I am not going to discuss “sweet spot of the lens” and other ethereal minutiae. Considering that I have been published many times, merely using readily available Kodak 100ASA 35mm film and then the Nikon D3, imagine what I can achieve with the Hasselblad CWD, having 16 megapixels. Megapixels alone won’t make a photographer great. Ansel Adams said, “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” It is human imagination.

January 4, 2013, two of my photos had been published in The Global Times – Shanghai Metro section.  The Blarney Stone, one of five Irish pubs, in Shanghai, has closed its doors for the last time, after eleven years.  Saint Patrick’s day just won’t be the same.  More here.

December 1, 2012, it was announced in the newspaper that I had won my first Photography Competition.  This photo is on permanent exhibit in the lobby of a government enterprise. Additionally, this is the first public exhibition of my photography.  It can be seen here.

My photo is the large monochrome, at the top, in the lobby of TasWater, since November 2012.  I was the first photo competition I had entered and it won First Prize, “hands down”, according to one Judge on the panel.