Purchase Photographs

Please email me which photograph(s) you are interested in. Need Stock Photos? I can fulfill your needs.

To make initial contact, please email me here, with your order information and your contact details, including email address, telephone and mobile phone numbers.  I check my email daily.  I reply to all emails, within 24 hours.  I can email the photo(s).  If you require printing, mounting and mailing, there will be extra charges.

SPECIAL NOTE: I, your Photographer, and Cassidy Photography will retain the exclusive Copyright to the photograph(s). Copyright of individual photos may be negotiated for sale, however.  The photograph may not be reproduced nor modified and reproduced, in any form or fashion, nor purchased and re-sold by the original purchaser, without the permission of the Photographer.  Photo credit must be clearly stated . . . “Photo by R. Cassidy” or “Photography provided by R. Cassidy” or “Photography provided by Cassidy Photography”.  Cash or PayPal are the accepted methods for payment.